No matter how small a plumbing issue may seem, you cannot get the job done if you don’t have the proper tools. Minor repairs don’t require from you to have any professional tools, but you must have at least a pipe wrench and a plunger to get the job done properly. With the right tools and some experience, DIY plumbing can be very rewarding, not only it will save you a few extra bucks, but it will also develop your technical skills and dexterity. It is always a nice feeling to develop skills in areas outside your career job. If you think you can’t handle the repair, or you’re experiencing any difficulties, leave it to the professionals. However, I strongly believe that with the right tools you can easily handle simple repairs and installations.

Here are some basic plumbing tools every household should have. These essential tools will also serve you well whenever you experience unexpected home repairs.

Pipe wrench

This tool is also called the plumber’s wrench and it is used to tighten or loosen the end of pipes and fixtures. It comes in various sizes, and it can be utilized for many other things accept fixing plumbing issues. If you don’t use it properly it can damage a fixture, so be careful. If you don’t have this tool at hand, an adjustable spanner is a good alternative.


A plunger is an indispensable tool that is used to unclog clogged drains, tubs, toilets and sinks, It is very easy to use, just press it hard against the clogged drain opening and pull with force. Do this repeatedly until the drain is clear. If you don’t have a plunger at hand, you can use a zip line tool or a hand auger. The hand auger is a simple, flexible wire that will be your best alternative if a plunger fails. If you use drain cleaners regularly, you’ll avoid this inconvenience entirely. Drain cleaners are specially designed to clean and degrease your pipes, leaving it a fresh scent.


Measuring tape

A tape measure is a very useful tool when you need to quickly and precisely measure some object’s length. This tool is very simple to use, and it comes in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Hand gloves

You must always wear hand gloves to protect yourself! Otherwise, you might get injured. Many plumbers have problems getting used to wearing gloves, but you simply have to wear them if you want to be completely safe.


Besides these tools, it is recommendable to have WD 40, insulation tape, at least two screwdrivers, a hammer, grease, and testers. If you find all this too difficult to handle on your own, do not worry, you can always hire a professional plumber to do the work for you. Make sure you contact Orange County plumbers for all kind of plumbing problems and emergencies you have if you want to get high-quality services at affordable price. These professionals will handle all your plumbing problems in no time.


Anton Andrews

Anton Andrews

Originally from New York City. Sports and music enthusiast.
Anton Andrews
Essential plumbing tools for DIY plumbing
Anton Andrews

Anton Andrews

Originally from New York City. Sports and music enthusiast.

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