Planning a New Year’s Eve Party for KidsWhen planning any type of party for kids, it’s always best to consider the problem of bedwetting, as the children will be drinking a lot of juice, getting excited, and staying in new surroundings. To avoid this problem, make sure you have one of the best bedwetting alarms( on the market in your home. Whether you’re planning to throw a New Year’s Eve party for your children or your friends or are simply planning to allow your adult guests to bring their children to the party, there are some considerations which must be taken when planning the party.
One of the most obvious considerations is alcohol consumption. Obviously, it’s inappropriate to allow minors to consume alcohol, so the host should plan on other beverages for the children at the party. They might want to consider serving mocktails, which are nonalcoholic versions of cocktails. These mocktails are a lot of fun and will help to prevent the children from being envious of the drinks the adults are enjoying, because they’ll have their own fun and colorful drinks. When creating mocktails for children, it’s important to focus on the presentation. Creating colorful drinks and serving them in festive glasses is a good idea. The host should also give some consideration to alcohol consumption for adults and might consider placing a drink limitation to prevent the adult guests from becoming inebriated during the party.
Food should also be carefully considered when planning a New Year’s Eve party which will include children. This is important because children can be rather picky about their food. Fortunately, appetizers are perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations and most kids enjoy appetizers. Foods such as mini pizzas, hot dogs, and hamburgers are particularly popular with kids. Similarly, simple foods such as cut up pieces of fruit or cheese are also popular with kids.
The host may wish to plan on having an assortment of kid-friendly appetizers as well as more sophisticated appetizers for adults. One example of a cute food idea is to have sushi for the adults and to make an appetizers resembling sushi for the kids. This can be done by cutting the crusts off pieces of white bread, spreading peanut butter on the bread, and layering pieces of strawberry on the peanut butter. The bread can then be rolled up and cut to resemble pieces of sushi. The kids will enjoy having an appetizer that looks like what the adults are eating, but will also enjoy the taste of their own unique snack.
Another factor to consider when planning a New Year’s Eve party for kids is the lateness of the party. Depending on the age of the children, the kids might have difficulty staying up until midnight and may become cranky in the late evening hours. If the children are particularly young and staying up will be difficult for everyone, the host can consider making the event a sleepover party and staging an early celebration for the kids. The adults can set the clocks ahead and orchestrate a mock New Year’s celebration at a more kid friendly hour, such as 9 pm.
After a brief celebration, the kids can all retire to an out-of-the-way location with an adult chaperone, such as a finished basement or an upstairs bedroom. For children guests who wet the bed, they should use a bedwetting alarm so they won’t wet the bed of the host. Bedwetting alarms are helpful for children who want to stop bedwetting. They train children to wake up when their bladder is full and there’s a need to go to the bathroom.
The chaperone can stay with the children until they all fall asleep and then use a baby monitor to return to the party while continuing to monitor the children. The adults can then continue the party and celebrate the real New Year at midnight.

Planning a New Year’s Eve Party for Kids

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